I love Gaga

24 Mar

You’ve never experienced Lady Gaga if you haven’t listened to an interview with her. She’s the queen of creativity and I just love it. In every interview you can tell she’s someone who enjoys creating new things and genuinely encourages other people to do the same. And it’s just really inspiring. Plus she’s just so positive. This is a perfect interview to get you through your day.


Official skirt hoarder

16 Mar

I’ve moved at least once a year since I was 18. Including one massive move 3,117 miles across the country with just one bag. At this point I should mention I hate moving with the fire of a thousand suns. Moving is the opposite of fun. It’s actually much closer to torture. For some reason I always move when it’s hot and I count it as blessing if a U-Haul actually has the truck ready.

I’ve become kind of a super mover in the past few years. I’m talking labeled boxes and lists. It all starts weeks before the move when I start to get rid of all my stuff. Stuff I didn’t even know I had accumulated. When you’re knee deep in boxes getting rid of things actually sounds better than lugging it to a new closet where it will inevitably get stuffed in the back again. Also, I’m strangely drawn to the therapeutic feeling of getting rid of stuff. I’m the opposite of a hoarder. It’s almost overdrive. I gladly give at least 5 giant bags to Goodwill. I often get rid of things I actually wear on a daily basis.

I’m feeling the negative side to giving so many clothes away. The other day I looked into my closet and only saw two skirts. Not okay. With Boston’s dreary weather still lingering it seems impossible that I’ll ever wear anything but my Metropolis parka but I know in just a month I may be able to rock the bare legs look. And thus my current obsession with loading up on skirts.. So without further ado…The Spring Skirt Lust List:

I loved this skirt so much I hounded the Boston Zara for days to see if it was in stock. I eventually only found it in blue. I’ll wear it with a leather jacket, striped shirt, and little booties.

Yup this perfect thing with a embroidered black tank and high heeled brown sandals.

Anthropologie was reading my mind by calling this a work skirt. This could easily become a staple in my 9 to 5 wardrobe with some wedges and a white tee. Or a blue tee if you’re into the color blocking thing.

I’m having a really hard time not buying this right now.

Something I could wear season after season.

You only need songs when you’re young

15 Mar

I just really love this Stars’ song. Amy Milan’s voice is a dream. I definitely have secret daydreams of having her voice.

Artic tundra is my life

3 Mar

It’s cold and I wish I was wearing this. And a fuzzy grey hat. And thick socks. And brown boots. And mittens. Bring on the mittens.

Right now, I’m camping out in a Starbucks. I managed to score one of the comfy brown leather chairs but it’s directly under an air conditioner that is for some reason going full blast. Comfy chair or warmth? Oh the conundrum.

Grilled cinnamon apple crostini

1 Mar

I took a two week trip to my grandparent’s house in Eugene, Oregon during some downtime in my freelancing gigs last summer. After months of hectic work on TV show that called for several late nights and emotional tears in the fetal position, the only vacation I wanted was hang out with my grandparents in my home state.

Why grandma and grandpa and not beaches? After my tough show, living the retirement lifestyle sounded just great. Okay with a extreme amount of spoiled granddaughter mixed in. This involved:

1. Entire days where the only outing was to the doctor’s office. And yes, those were big days that required much recuperation. And recuperation came in the form of House Hunters marathons.

2. Eating at 5 pm. On the dot. Because yes, I am hungry at that time and so are old folks.

3. Driving a Lincoln Navigator.Because it’s wide, comfy, and has a ridiculously large speedometer for those with elder eyes.

4. Calling light gardening exercise.

5. Spending hours pouring through my grandma’s Sunset Magazines from the last two decades. Having that be my main activity of the day. Unless we’ve gone to the doctor. And then that’s just too much activity.

Discovering my grandma’s old Sunset Magazines provided days–yes days–of incredible fun. I love all their recipes so much I kept a special envelope of clippings and one of those gave me some creative kitchen ideas last Sunday. I adapted the recipe below to fit an appetizer for Bryan and I’s Oscar party the other night. The old recipe calls for a more savory taste with just rosemary as a flavoring. I though a sweet version would be a good experiment and loved the result.

Grilled Cinnamon Apple Crostini

Adapted from Sunset Magazine
Makes 6 crostini (Crostinis? What is the plural of crostini?)


1 large Fuji apple
1 tablespoon cinnamon sugar mixture
1 teaspoon honey
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 baguette
4 oz goat cheese

1. Preheat oven to 350. Peel the apple and cut thin slices.

2. Mix together cinnamon sugar mixture, honey, and melted butter. If the honey doesn’t mix well you might want to think about zapping it in the microwave quickly.

3. Coat each apple piece. Beware, this could get messy. And sticky. But in a delicious, butter-y way. If you have leftover mixture put that onto a piece of bread and enjoy! Pre-appetizer snacks, you know?

4. Slice baguettes into 1-inch thick pieces. Stick onto a baking sheet and put into the oven.

5. Grill each apple slice. About 4 minutes, flipping them halfway through. I did this on a George Forman because I’ve only recently graduated college and the old Forman is still the preferred method of grilling. Also I’m too poor to buy a grill pan. It took about 6 minutes on a George Forman. Grilling apples seems weird but believe me, it’s delicious.

6. While the apples are grilling, pull out the bread and spread the goat cheese onto each piece. You may want less goat cheese, you may want more. At this time, switch your oven to broil.

7. Put the grilled apples on top of the goat cheese. About 3 per crostini. Then sprinkle a little more cinnamon sugar mix on top.

8. Broil for about 4 minutes or so. Enough to melt the cheese and make it gooey. And wonderful.

Gimme that print

25 Feb

My name is Taimi.

Hi Taimi.

I’m here because I have an addiction to prints.

[Knowing sigh]

I want prints all the time. All day.

A couple of these in different colors for my kitchen would be perfect.

This is just begging to go into an office.

Put this in my entryway. Please.

This would be perfect next to the frame on my nightstand.

I could put a print in every room in my house and still not be satisfied. Yes sir. I’m addicted.

Put a bow on it

24 Feb

Image via Pinterest

Can a grown woman still wear a bow? What matches a bow? Why does this fall in such a beautiful way? Is that velvet? Where are there craft stores? Where can I find this bow?

So many questions about a single, lovely bow. But gosh, I do love this single, lovely bow. Simply love this.

I have no idea what matches a bow outside what I wore to school pictures in the 2nd grade (Hello, childhood peter pan collar flashbacks) but I’m thinking high-waisted 70s flares and a t-shirt. And this girl’s beautiful red hair. Yes, I’ll take that too.